Thursday, November 19, 2009

Deals for the week 11/18-11/25-THANKSGIVING!!!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I can't wait to start cooking!  Here is a comparison of prices for popular Thanksgiving dinner items.  I've included the sale prices listed in this week's grocery store sale flyer from Sunset Foods, Dominick's, and Jewel.  Later in the week I will post my family's traditional Thanksgiving Meal.   

Sunset: Norbest Frozen Young Turkey, no added fats, oils, sugars or MSG
$.49/lb available in 12 -22 lbs with $50 purchase

Dominick's: Jennie-O Frozen Turkey Grade A
$.99/lb  available in 8-24 lbs Limit 1 with $20 min purchase
      Butterball Frozen Turkey Grade A
$.99/lb available in 8-24 lbs  Limit 1 with $20 min purchase

Jewel: Jennie-O Frozen Turkey Grade A 16 lbs
$.37/lb with store coupon and separate $20 purchase
$.99/lb without coupon
    Butterball Frozen Turkey Grade A 16 lbs
$.97/lb with store coupon and separate $20 purchase
$1.59/lb without coupon

Sunset Foods: Fresh $.99/lb
  Frozen Pictsweet 13-16 oz bag 2/$3.00
Dominick's: N/A

Jewel: Fresh $.99/lb
    Jewel Brand Frozen 16 oz bags 10/$10

Sunset Foods: $1.99 12 oz bag

Dominick's: 2/$5.00 12 oz bag

Jewel: $1.99 12 oz bag Oceanspray

Sunset Foods: 3 lbs for $.99
Dominick's: $.77/lb
Jewel: $.28/lb

Sunset Foods: Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix 2/$5.00 12-16 oz bag

Dominick's: Brownberry Stuffing Mix 2/$6.00 12-16 oz bag
Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix $2.79 14-16 oz bag

Jewel: Brownberry or Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix 2/$5.oo 12-16 oz bag

Sunset Foods: Pillsbury Rolled Pie Crust $2.69 15 oz package

Dominick's: Pillsbury Rolled Pie Crust 2/$5.00 15 oz package

Jewel: Jewel Brand Rolled Pie Crust $2.29 15 oz package

Sunset Foods: Rhodes White Dinner Rolls 2/$7.00 36 count bag

Dominick's: Butternut Brown 'n Serve Rolls $1.99 12 count package

Jewel: Rhodes White Dinner Rolls $3.29 36 count bag

It seems as though there really isn't a winner here and you will find competitive prices at all
three grocery stores. Based on quality and low prices, I would choose Sunset as my shopping

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  1. can you please post the salad dressing recipe you got for christmas last year? thanks!