Monday, December 21, 2009

Dave's Gourmet Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

There are so many fun treasures at Costco, but my new favorite find is Dave's Gourmet Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce.

It is delicious and so rich it must be loaded with cream. No cream and only 100 calories and 4 g of fat per 1/2 cup serving! The ingredients are very simple: butternut squash, water, tomato paste, red peppers, evaporated cane juice, butter, celery, onion, garlic, sea salt, citric acid, and black pepper. I'm sure you could make something similar, but why go to the trouble when you can get two 25.5 oz jars at Costco for $6.99.

You must try this sauce, either with Barilla Plus pasta for a healthy, 5 minute, weeknight dinner or bake in a casserole dish with grilled chicken or browned sausage, pasta and parmesan cheese.

**Picture posted was copied from Dave's Gourmet website**


  1. I agree I hesitantly purchaced this sauce and found that I loved it. I am also busy, so I added a can of chicken (rinse the chicken with water first), and pasta and some cheddar cheese. Turned out great.

  2. I purchased this sauce and loved it but am now not able to find it at my local Costco. What gives?